We are here to promote a love of baseball, provide instruction for improving skills appropriate to age level and to use Little League as a vehicle for teaching life lessons that will help in the development of healthy, happy, self confident adults.

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Santa Cruz Little League, Inc.
2014 Constitution
League Identification Number 04053908
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Date Submitted to Western Region ______________________________
Date Approved ___________________________
Date Not Approved _____________________________
The organization is incorporated as Santa Cruz Little League, Inc. (the league).
The purpose of the league, as stated in its articles of incorporation is to educate boys and girls to 
participate in the programs of Little League Baseball, Inc..
The league depends on the voluntary participation of board members, officers, player parents, 
players, and other volunteers to function. These volunteers may be referred to at times, as 
members. But members have no financial interest in the league and are not entitled to any profits 
from the league or any assets of the league. The league is founded as a California Public Benefit 
Corporation for the educational benefit of boys and girls. 
Article Four. Board of Directors Purpose
The league’s Board of Directors’ purpose is to plan every season, oversee all operations and 
comply with the rules and regulations of Little League Baseball, Inc. for the benefit of the boys 
and girls who are players in the league. As stated in 2013 Operating Manual for local leagues, 
the league is autonomous within the framework of the rules and regulations of Little League 
Baseball, Inc.. The league is responsible for establishing its own administration, to elect its 
board of directors, and to maintain an organization that is best suited to meet the needs of Little 
Article Five. Members Delegation to the Board of Directors
To achieve the above purposes and responsibilities, the members acknowledge that the Board 
of Directors needs to be comprised of knowledgeable and responsible volunteers, that are 
committed to meeting the league’s needs in a timely and efficient manner. The members 
further acknowledge that this frequently requires prompt decisions by the Board of Directors, 
its officers and its other appointed volunteers as circumstances and personnel change. To this 
end, the members charge the Board of Directors with the responsibility of perpetuation of a 
functional Board, including seeking, nominating and voting in Directors, Officers and other 
Board appointees. The members acknowledge that these functions are best conducted for the 
benefit of the players by a Board of Directors that is aware of the circumstances and timelines 
in which the league operates, which are not within the general knowledge or expertise of the 
members. The members delegate and entrust these responsibilities to the Board of Directors. 
They therefore do not assert a right to vote on issues of the league, including the election of the 
Board of Directors. They also acknowledge that general membership meetings may be called by 
the Board of Directors, but are not required. They acknowledge that the Board of Directors may 
amend this Constitution by a majority vote.
Article Six. Member Right to Nominate
Each adult volunteer who was approved for the past season and is currently approved may 
nominate another individual for a position on the board. The nominee must also have been 
approved for the last season and be a current approved volunteer. The volunteer should contact 
the Board Secretary for the date, time and place of the election meeting of the Board of 
Directors, which is generally held in September or October of each year. The volunteer and the 
nominee must attend the meeting to make the nomination. A current Board member may also 
nominate an individual, even if the nominee was not an approved volunteer the previous season. 
The Board member and the nominee must attend the meeting to make the nomination. The 
Board of Directors shall properly accept the nomination and include it in the voting process. 
The Board of Directors may adopt and amend bylaws that describe the duties of the offices, the 
election procedures, the appointment procedures, the meeting proceedings, the formation and 
function of committees and any other functions of the Board of Directors.
This constitution was approved by a majority vote of members at a duly organized membership 
meeting held on __________________________________.