We are here to promote a love of baseball, provide instruction for improving skills appropriate to age level and to use Little League as a vehicle for teaching life lessons that will help in the development of healthy, happy, self confident adults.

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Santa Cruz Little League Board Positions



Board Positions



2016-17 Board


  • Conduct the League and execute policies established by the Board
  • Present a report of condition of the League at the Annual Meeting
  • Communicate to the Board all appropriate matters
  • Promote the welfare of the League
  • Responsible for the conduct of the League in strict conformity to the policies, principles and Rules and Regulations of Little League Baseball
  • Authority to make and execute contracts and leases in the name of the League, with prior Board approval
  • Investigate complaints, irregularities and conditions detrimental to the League and report to the Board or Executive Committee as warranted
  • Prepare and submit an annual budget to the Board and be responsible for execution against the budget
  • With assistance of Player Agent, examine and certify the application, proof of age and residency of players


  • Gina Loftis

Vice President

  • Presides in the absence of the President.
  • Serves as ex-officio member of all committees.
  • Carries out such duties and assignments as delegated by president.
  • Separate vice presidents may also be selected to oversee individual divisions within the league. 



  • Ron Fry

Player Agents (2)

  • Supervise the player selection system, maintains complete player records, conducts trades and replacements of players, determines eligibility and develops rosters for all League players.a
  • Examine and certify the application, proof of age and residency of players
  • Chair the Registration Committee to manage all player registration activities
  • Manage the Skills Evaluation
  • Conduct the Player Draft and team formation, including Play Up and Down requests
  • Maintain "Eligible Player Replacement List" and replaces players on Majors teams.
  • Prepare team rosters and submit all rosters to LL Headquarters
  • Serve as the contact person for all competitive baseball players and parents
  • Coordinate All-Star teams formation
  • Manage and operate within the Player Agent Budget as authorized by the Board


  • Jenna Lucchessi
  • Mandy Antonetti

Special Liaison to the District

  • Attends all District 39 President’s meetings and provides reports to Board
  • Assists with completing all necessary filings to remain in compliance with LLI rules.
  • Keeps Board apprised of all rules, deadlines and responsibilities.
  • Chad Hoesing

Umpire in Chief

  • Responsible for hiring, scheduling, training and paying of all League umpires
  • Promote strict conformity to the policies, principles, rules and regulations of League and Little League Baseball
  • Coordinate and schedule all league umpiring assignments
  • Manage and operate within the Umpire Budget as authorized by the Board


  • Mark Mitchell

Coaching Coordinator

  • Represent Coaches and Managers in the League
  • Serve as the contact person for the league's manager-coach training program
  • Develop and coordinate training curriculum and approach at all levels
  • Develop, order and distribute training materials to players, coaches and managers
  • Coordinate League clinics as necessary
  • Develop and enhance Extra Bases training programs for players 
  • Manage and operate within the Development Budget as authorized by the Board


  • Ben Hartel


  • Responsible for recording activities of the League and maintaining appropriate records including minutes of Board and Executive Committee meetings
  • Give notice of all ILL meetings
  • Maintain lists of all members, directors, committee members
  • Conduct all correspondence not otherwise delegated, carry out all orders, votes or resolutions not otherwise committed, notify of member, Director or Officer and committee election or appointment, and perform other duties as are customary.


  • Papaya Aspromonte


  • Monthly reporting to the Board and President of the financial condition of ILL, including reporting on Budgets of each officer or committee area
  • Receive all monies and securities and deposit in a depository approved by the Board
  • Keep records for receipt and disbursement of League monies and securities, approve all payments from allotted funds and draw checks in agreement with policies established in advance by the Board Prepare and report all annual budgets, monthly financial statements, reporting to the Board of Directors and the President on financial status at all meetings and an annual financial report for the President to submit to the Membership at the Annual Meeting and to Little League.


  • Karl Philipovitch

Information Officer

  • Manage and update the official League website including content management
  • Manage the setup and coordination with Division VP's for online schedules, scores, tournament results and pitch counts
  • Coordinate with Registration Committee to manage League online registration
  • Coordinate with Officer to distribute League information
  • Ensure that news, scores and information are updated and distributed regularly
  • Manage and operate within the Technology Budget as authorized by the Board


  • Alyshia Manzella

Scheduling Coordinator

  • Manage scheduling of all field use
  • Schedule all regular season practice and game times and locations consistent with Board plans, rules and policies
  • Manage rain out game make ups, as needed
  • Manage playoff games/brackets consistent with consistent with Board plans, rules and policies and Little League Rules and Regulations


  • Don Swanson

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Collects and processes volunteer forms for all adults working with players.
  • Maintains database of all approved volunteers.
  • Helps recruit Team Parents and conducts Team Parent meeting.
  • Communicates volunteer requirements to league.
  • Works with Snack Shack coordinator to ensure coverage of snack shack.


Darcie Andrade

Sponsorship Coordinator

  • Responsible for discovering and executing fund raising activities to secure additional funding sources for equipment and other league expenses including:

Coordinate with all League volunteers to maximize corporate donations related to volunteer hours worked (eg, Microsoft)

  • League sponsorship program including advertising on fields, web site, uniforms, etc.
  • Works with Information Officer to upload sponsor information to the website.
  • Work closely with Marketing Officer to bring League into a more visible role in the community, bring more community involvement into the League and promote the ILL brand


  • Ron Fry

Field Operations Coordinator

  • Manage volunteers or services to both maintain and improve our fields
  • Work with Government or School District officials to explore improvements in fields, facilities and partnerships with League
  • Train Managers on field prep and ensure clean up nights scheduled at fields
  • Manage and operate within the Fields Budget as authorized by the Board


  • Rob Andrade

Equipment Coordinator (2)

  • Responsible for inventorying, selecting, ordering, and purchasing all new  equipment needed by the league
  • Responsible for upkeep and maintenance player equipment.
  • Manage distribution and collection of all equipment for the League
  • Manage and operate within the Equipment Budget as authorized by the Board


  • Danielle Devonshire

Uniform Coordinator

  • Responsible for selecting, ordering and purchasing all new uniforms needed by the League.
  • Works closely with Player Agent and Division Representatives to determine number of teams/uniforms needed.
  • Coordinates with the sponsorship officer to ensure correct team sponsors are assigned.
  • Manage and operate within the Uniform budget as authorized by the Board.
   Ron Fry

Snack Shack Coordinator

  • Oversees Snack Shack Committee
  • Maintains the operation of concession facilities
  • Organizes the purchase of concession products
  •  Responsible for the management of the concession sales
  • Collects and reviews concession related offers including coupons, discounts and bulk-purchasing opportunities
  • Organizes, tallies and keeps records of concession sales and purchases
  • Create and manage Opening & Closing schedule for the snack bar
  • Rachael Tsukamaki

Division Representatives

(Intermediate, Majors, AAA, AA, A, Farm, and Rookie)

  • Manage, organize and supervise all operations of the specific division
  • Assists in selection of managers
  • Assists with the Drafts for Intermediate, Majors, AAA and AA
  • Assigns rosters for A, Farm and Rookie Divisions
  • Communicate with and represent needs of division teams and Managers
  • Coordinate with Player Agent on issues involving players, rosters, eligibility or player replacement during the season
  • Consistently update schedules, scores, pitch count tracking and end of season Tournament information for division
  • Intermediate (50/70) –
  • Alyshia manzella
  • Majors – Derek Mckee
  • AAA – Derek McKee
  • AA –
  • A –
  • Farm – Greg Bodi
  • Tee Ball – Carolina and Fernando DaCosta


Proposed Positions/Roles




  • Administers league registration process.
  • Along with the Player Agent, assists parents in determining appropriate division for players.
  • Works with Player Agents and President to verify birth certificates and residency requirements.
  • Nick Luchessi

Marketing/Public Relations

  • Responsible for marketing events to promote League within the community
  • Work to advertise the League, promote registration, drive community involvement and manage public relations
  • Work closely with Fund Raising to bring League into a more visible role in the community, bring more community involvement into the League and promote the League brand
  • Manage League Logowear marketing and distribution
  • Responsible for content of ongoing Communications with members, including monthly newsletters and official news releases of the League
  • Manage and operate within the Marketing Budget as authorized by the Board


     Julie Merrell

Fundraising Coordinator

  • Responsible for the coordinating, planning and directing of all fund-raising activities.
  • Coordinates with the Treasurer to make sure that all funds are secured.
  • Coordinates with all other board members, league commissioners, managers, on all fund raising activities


    -  Julie Merrell

Special Events/Fundraising Coordinator

  • Coordinates and/or Chairs committees as necessary to run special individual events.
  • Special events include:  Opening Day, Giant’s Day, Oakland A’s Day, Hit-A-Thon, movie nights and others.
  •       Julie Merrell

All Star Coordinator

  • Coordinates with District Administrator and District UIC to gather tournament information and communicates information to league.
  • Communicates with managers and Board regarding All Star manager selection.
  • Works with Player Agents to coordinate Player Vote, Manager Vote,  and completion of All Star Affidavits.
  • Orders appropriate medals.
  • Karl Philipovitch

Evaluation Coordinator

  • Coordinates evaluations for Intermediate, Majors, AAA and AA.
  • Assists Player Agents in determine evaluation groups and setting schedule.
  • Works with Volunteer Coordinator and Division Reps to staff evaluations.
  • Derek McKee