We are here to promote a love of baseball, provide instruction for improving skills appropriate to age level and to use Little League as a vehicle for teaching life lessons that will help in the development of healthy, happy, self confident adults.

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Rules for 7-8 Year Old Baseball Tournament
1.      This tournament is governed by the current years Official Regulations and Playing Rules for 
Little League Baseball (Green Book), the District 39 District rules attached to this document and 
the following clarifications.

2.        The onsite Tournament director will be in charge with the District 39 Administrator (DA) 
having the final say on any protests or other disputes. The Tournament Director (TD) will contact 
the DA at the request of any manager prior to the next pitch to resolve any disputes that are not 
resolved on the field with the managers and TD.

3.        Tournament will be double elimination format unless agreed otherwise before start.

4. The batting order will be continuous as detailed in the current version of the D-39 inter league 
rules for minor league.

5. Home team for all games will be determined by a coin toss with the tournament director prior to 
game time.

6.       No food or drink in the dugouts except sunflower seeds, water and sport drinks.

7.        The host will provide hot dogs and drinks for each team following each game.

9. No stealing home on over throws, pass balls or balls thrown back to the pitcher. This includes 
delayed steals of any kind.
To clarify: Runners cannot advance from third base to home until the batter has put the ball in 
play by either swinging and hitting the ball or bunting the ball. However a runner can and will 
advance to home and score a run on a bases loaded walk. The intent of this rule is to require the 
offense to score by putting the ball in play. The umpires will enforce this rule by returning the 
runner to third base when in their opinion the runner as stolen home. No outs will be recorded as a 
penalty. Aggressive base running is encouraged while the ball is in play. The defense must stop the 
runners advance by controlling the ball. Stopping the runners advance and returning the ball to the 
pitcher’s mound with the catcher ready for the next pitch.

10.        7-8 Tournament will use Riff 5 Balls

11.   7–8 Tournament games will have a time limit. After Regulation game (4 innings or 3 1/2 
innings if home team is ahead) no new inning to start after 2 hours. Championship and if games will 
have no limit

Require 8 Year olds to remain with their Minor TOC team until it is eliminated. If their league 7-8 
tournament team is still playing and the Manager is willing to keep them on the roster, they can 
then join that tournament team for the remaining games.
Revised 5/15/16